Swiick Eats: The Butcher's Daughter in Venice Beach, California

For anyone visiting or living in Los Angeles (LA) that is looking for a place to eat, check out The Butcher's Daughter! Located at 1205 Abbot Kinney Blvd, which is only a few block away from Venice Beach! 

There are 2 things that stand out when walking into the space, the decor, which we'll get to in a minute, and of-course the food! We know you clicked on this to see the food, so let's get to that.

We had to start with coffee for breakfast, the waitress was also nice enough to bring a bottle of mint water to go along with the coffee. When you go out for breakfast or brunch and you order coffee, you can maybe tell how good the food will be as soon as you take one sip of the coffee. In this case, the strong, creamy iced latte I ordered made me feel like the food was gonna be swiick.

I was a bit skeptical, considering The Butcher's Daughters is almost exclusively vegan and gluten-free. Although I don't mind trying new things, this was definitely something different than what I'm used to; bacon-less breakfasts.

I ordered the buckwheat pancakes! They came with bananas, coconut creme anglaise (just wow), candied pecans (major key) and of course, maple syrup. To mention, the portions were HUGE (and only $12!), so you're getting a bang-for-your-buck here. The texture of the pancakes were well done and weren't soggy at all, like your regular diner pancakes. The buckwheat flour really gave it a super interesting texture and wholesome taste. I also ordered the classic avocado toast (L.A things) with a farm egg on top, which came with cilantro, mustard seeds, lime, on a 9-grain toast. And yes, you could add Adzuki bacon (not sure where this is from but sounds fancy so maybe next time)

Going over the decor, which I mentioned earlier. It had a pretty boho-ish artsy vibe to it. That's basically Venice in a nutshell haha. Lot's of brick walls, light wood, tie-dye denim cushions and a long bar table with copper touches. It was fairly crowded when I got a table, but that's expected considering where the restaurant is located, but good vibes. 

Have you ever eaten at The Butcher's Daughter? If you did, let us know on our Instagram @SwiickCo!

See you at the beach!